Most commercial robot vacuum cleaners are easily distinguishable from their home grade or handheld counterparts by virtue of their more complex design. After all, commercial grade vacuums are geared for tougher assignments and manufactured for large areas and office spaces.

The high-end units tend to support manual and autonomous operations at the most efficient level. This means they can automate most projects and leave their operator in charge of intricate tasks. This is particularly important for warehouses or factories that would prefer controlled movement in some condensed or sensitive areas of operation.


Having said that, we’ve made the effort to simplify your search for a commercial robot vacuum by highlighting some of the best units we’ve reviewed in the past year. We encourage you to read on for more insights!


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Whiz Commercial Robot Vacuum

How to Choose a Commercial Robot Vacuum?

Several factors come into play when choosing an ideal commercial vacuum for your business. But before we even get to the qualities you want from your cleaning equipment, it is important to note that not all robot vacuums can attain commercial grade. This is something you want to look for first and foremost especially if you’re purchasing a unit as a business investment.

When it comes to features and qualities, you would want a robot vacuum that’s suitable for your floor and room arrangements. For example, some commercial vacuums have higher suction power but come with limited mobility or vice versa. If you have a premise with loads of furniture and intricate carpeting, you will find the most value in robots that have advanced sensors and tracking systems. This way, they won’t be stuck half the time and ringing their alarms for assistance.


Is There a Commercial Robot Vacuum?

Commercial viability of automated solutions is as important to the present as it is to the future of businesses. In particular, robotic vacuums have been touted by workplace leaders for their superior performance and data-driven cleaning efficiency.

In general, commercial-grade robotic vacuum cleaners are designed for large areas. These units tend to have “smarter” cleaning solutions and more defined usage metrics. A great example would be the Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1, an agile robot that lets data demonstrate its cleaning prowess and efficiency.


4 Best Commercial Robot Vacuum

After a sweeping look at the ever-evolving commercial robot vacuum market, we’ve narrowed down our list to four outstanding units: the Makita Robot Vacuum (DRC200Z), Whiz Commercial Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper, Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1, and Co-botic 1700.

Makita Robot Vacuum

Makita Robot Vacuum (DRC200Z)

Weight: 23.4 lbs.
Performance: 500 m2/hr (5382 square feet)
Cleaning Width: 8-7/8″
Cleaning Width (with side brushes): 19-3/4″
HEPA Filter: Yes
Battery Life: 200 min.


The Makita Robot Vacuum (DRC200Z) is a sterling robot vacuum that conveniently meets the standard requirements for commercial use and select home applications.

It’s not the typical choice for standard homes; however, as it’s best suited for large environments and open areas. Matter of fact, the vacuum can cover up to 500 m2 of hard flooring in a single run. As a commercial-grade unit, it also features a more durable build and stronger motor.


The vacuum additionally boasts two cleaning modes for small particles and large debris that improve cleaning efficiency even in varying conditions. Even better, Makita made sure to include a highly efficient HEPA filtration system that makes for healthier spaces across your premise.


In terms of form, the bigger dimensions might see the vacuum struggle when navigating low-clearance areas and furniture. Otherwise, you’ll be pleased to know that the Makita Robot Vacuum (DRC200Z) is equipped with multiple detection sensors that allow the robot to avoid walls and other unexpected obstacles.


Makita Robot Vacuum

Enjoy savings on labor costs

The Makita Robot Vacuum (DRC200Z) is an enticing cleaning equipment for offices and workshops with hard flooring and low pile carpeting. With this ideal environment, the unit should be able to save labor costs and increases productivity.


When left on its own, you can use the boundary tape to prevent the unit from entering restricted areas and the wireless remote control to set up or add further instructions. However, this also concedes that the robotic vacuum is lagging behind in terms of intelligent features. Notably, the DRC200Z model doesn’t have support for Wi-Fi, voice command, app integration, nor an automatic charging station.


With that said, this robotic vacuum is more appealing for its performance and durability. Makita is known for high-quality and heavy-duty products, and it continues here with the DRC200Z. The vacuum itself has an ergonomic design making it easy to position, set up, and even maintain since all parts are washable and easy to assemble.


Overall, we recommend the Makita Robot Vacuum (DRC200Z) for commercial use rather than for households. Establishments like gyms, studios, warehouses, offices, and libraries will likely get the most out of this machine, especially if you can limit obstacles within its path.


Whiz Commercial Robot Vacuum

Whiz Commercial Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper

Weight: 66 lbs.
Performance: 500 m2/hr (5382 square feet)
Cleaning Width: 18.6″
HEPA Filter: Yes
Battery Life: 180 min.


The Whiz Commercial Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper is a modern and beautifully designed commercial robotic vacuum from SoftBank Robotics. There is a lot to unpack here, but one of the main things that makes the user-friendly Whiz perfect for industrial use is its specialization on carpeted surfaces.

The unit is also revolutionary for its use of the patented BrainOS, the trusted AI platform behind heavy-duty cleaners and self-driving cars. With this software, the vacuum can learn human taught routes to help improve cleaning efficiency and navigation.


Furthermore, Whiz uses usage metrics and other data analytics to “confirm clean” for its assigned tasks. Operators can also access the integrated Whiz Connect dashboard to analyze actionable analytics-driven insights to optimize cleaning patterns themselves.


In terms of optics, Whiz looks and feels like an intelligent and professional robotic vacuum from all angles. The soft colors offer a nice touch and the minimalist design blends well with almost any surroundings. It’s certainly one of the most stylish cleaners out there apart from being a clear choice for tech enthusiasts or data-driven operators.


Whiz Comercial Robotic Vacuum

A commercial collaborative robot vacuum

The vacuum is largely known for BrainOS, which is an advanced commercial operating system from Brain Corp. Whiz applies the software in ways that are relatively new to the commercial robot cleaner market in order to deliver a higher quality clean and real time proof of its superior performance.


This measurable proof makes for better data analytics that can serve as reliable benchmark for workplace productivity. Facility leaders have endorsed this state-of-the-art equipment for this very purpose, while also highlighting the cleaner’s features that are conducive to healthier spaces.


For one, its specialized HEPA filters can eliminate 99% of microscopic allergens found in carpets. A surface that most commercial and household robotic vacuums struggle most without intervention. Performance is also nothing to scoff at since Whiz can cover up to 15,000 square feet per charge before it conveniently notifies operators when it’s done.


Due to its groundbreaking technology, Whiz boasts superior navigation over most mid-range and high end vacuums. This premier software and sensors ensure that Whiz avoids the toughest of obstacles and hazards, including people! Summing up, we strongly recommend Whiz Commercial Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper for any business that is looking for a professional data-driven and automated solution.


Karcher KIRA CV 60

Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1

Weight: 850 lbs. (accessories included)
Performance: 1,672 m2/hr (18,000 square feet)
Cleaning Width: 23.6″
HEPA Filter: Yes
Battery Life: Unspecified


Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 is another Brain Corp powered commercial robot vacuum that’s perfect for industrial use. While the aforementioned Whiz is generally catered for organized and closed spaces like offices and buildings, KIRA CV 60/1’s scope is something more grand. In fact, Kärcher has touted the machine as the safest option for boosting cleaning efficiency in large spaces such as hotels, airports, schools, and more.

Thanks to its advanced AI, the KIRA CV 60/1 can maximize its cameras and sensors for more efficient navigation and consistent cloud reporting. While all of that seems a bit complicated, we can vouch that manual operation and optimization are fairly easy even for workers without technical backgrounds. This is largely because of the simplified design and mechanics that are intuitive as they are practical for operators.


Advanced commercial operating system

Some of the biggest selling points for Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 are operational safety and wellness. As expected from a machine of its stature, KIRA CV 60/1 boasts HEPA-rated filters and vacuum bags for better health protection.


The best-in-class technology within the workings of Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 also makes it a future proof device, not just in terms of design but so as its software.


Karcher KIRA CV60/1 Robotic Vacuum


Summing up, the Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 is definitively a super-powered robotic vacuum best for large operations and open environments. It’s a high-end choice for any operator who seeks nothing but the best for their business.



Co-botic 1700 Robotic Vacuum

Co-botic 1700 Robotic Vacuum

Weight: 7.5 lbs.
Performance: 120 m2/hr (1,292 square feet)
Cleaning Width: 13.7″
HEPA Filter: Yes
Battery Life: 270 min.


The Co-botic 1700 may appear like a typical household robot vacuum, but it has the qualities of a commercial unit with its own commercial warranty to boot. It has a strong 2,700Pa vacuum suction power, smart mapping, and three different modes (including silent mode) for efficient operation.

Another interesting feature of this unit is that aside from Wi-Fi, the bot can use a SIM card to stay connected to the internet. This is technically much safer especially if you are using the bot in commercial spaces such as hotels or restaurants.


Ease of use is another reason why you would want Co-botic 1700 over bigger and sturdier options. Since it’s AI-powered, navigation is more precise. It’s also easier to set up virtual boundaries using the integrated application from the manufacturer. There’s also a unique appeal that comes with the lighter frame of the Co-botic 1700 and its equally tame wattage output.


Cobotic 1700 Commercial Robot Vacuum

One of the most adaptable robotic vacuums

Out of all the vacuums on this list, the Co-botic 1700 has to be the most adaptable for private and commercial use. Generally, you can get the most value from this autonomous device if you’ll be using it in controlled spaces like hotels, restaurants, or convention centers.

Which Robot Vacuum is Best for Big House?

The Co-botic 1700 Robotic Vacuum would make for a sound robotic vacuum cleaner for spacious households. It’s compact and agile commercial robotic vacuum that works best in hard floors and low pile carpeted surfaces. Alternatively, the Whiz Commercial Autonomous Vacuum Sweeper is an excellent option if you are tech-savvy and detail-oriented.

When choosing a commercial grade vacuum just remember to carefully consider the surface and environment where you intend to operate the machine. Some robots specialize in a specific surface while others can produce standard results across multiple planes.


Furthermore, some units may navigate better in open spaces while others have advanced sensors that breeze through busier arrangements. For more insights, bookmark our blog to stay updated about the latest on commercial and household robot vacuums.


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